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Well-travelled and yet close to home: Specialist translations for tourism

Crowds returning to the Costas

Tourism is one of the world’s fastest growing industries. The travel market is booming – and not only on the Mediterranean. People are travelling more frequently for shorter periods, exploring all four corners of the world.

Tour groups want to be approached in their native language

“See Europe in three days” – legend has it that these whistle-stop tours with destinations including romantic Heidelberg, medieval Rothenburg ob der Tauber, and of course the famous Munich Oktoberfest came about in the USA and the Far East as a result of increasing globalisation at the end of the last millennium.
Japanese tour groups would hardly be expected to learn German in preparation for these trips, instead relying on being escorted in their own language at the destination. So it makes sense for hotels and hospitality services at tourist destinations to advertise their services in the language of their respective target groups and have these services translated accordingly.

The French and Belgians love Cologne’s carnival

The Oktoberfest has reached cult status in Italy, while Cologne’s carnival has become a popular travel destination for French and Belgians, who also often stop in German spa towns. German Christmas fairs and wine festivals along the Rhine and Main are advertised worldwide, and tour buses arrive daily at the Frankfurt Museumsufer museum area and the DomRömer Quarter, or the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie and Reeperbahn party mile. And as for Berlin... well, it’s only the world’s absolute party capital.

Did you know that there is already a train in Germany that runs only on hydrogen?

Globalisation has eased global trade and caused a massive increase in the international flow of goods; however, it has also caused a boom in holiday travel, especially short trips. Go for a quick jaunt to Mallorca or Verona? Hop on a plane for a concert in London or a fancy dinner in Paris? Some might see this as decadent and others as harmful to the climate, but there will always be those that appreciate and take advantage of this opportunity as long as it presents itself. Even so, clean and completely emission-free travel is already possible: Coradia iLint was the world’s first hydrogen-powered train in Lower Saxony and Bremen, a service that has been running since September 2018.

Travel begins online

Tourist service providers benefit from addressing potential customers in their native language, or at least in English. The ConText® translators are happy to help. Whether you’re offering all-inclusive package tours or regional specialties such as the Hessian apple wine or Rügen sea buckthorn jam in your guesthouse, one of our translators is bound to be familiar with it from his or her last holiday, or professionally as a qualified travel agent.

Tour guides and travel companions

We would also be happy to arrange for a personal interpreter, city guide, or tour guide for you. Or you might want to opt for a digital travel companion to translate complete sentences and phrases into several languages at the touch of a button. With integrated games to liven up your wait at the airport...

Need a well-crafted translation for the travel or tourism sector? The graduate native-language translators from ConText® are always willing to help – with a laptop on the beach if needs be.

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