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On the safe side: Specialist translations for the insurance industry

Customer expectations are changing with the digital transformation

The insurance market is in transition. Customer needs are in a state of flux, leading to increasingly complex market requirements. The digital transformation has contributed to the process of change in business models while improving the customer experience and making life easier for policyholders with a more targeted approach to the services they provide. Insurance companies are already laying the foundations by using sustainable future technologies such as AI, cloud computing, blockchain, big data, and quantum computing.

AI, cloud computing, blockchain...

A wide variety of specialities within the insurance industry can be automated using AI and machine learning; one example is document processing. The specialist translators at ConText® have extensive knowledge of the insurance industry and are familiar with the terminology and concepts as well as the governing regulatory framework. Our specialist translators with a focus on insurance keep to the style and tone of the source text while keeping the translation accessible to the target audience.

From policy contracts to corporate communications – ConText® translates it all

We translate insurance-related documents such as terms and conditions, damage reports, liability claims, vehicle insurance and other policies, and claims documentation. We also translate damage assessments, press releases, claims and settlement agreements, and accident reports.

Automated translation processes

We use modern translation technologies and processes to maximise translation quality and efficiency. Translation memory (TM) systems help simplify the translation process by leveraging text passages that we have already translated. Each new translation automatically entails the system accessing the content in digital language databases referred to as translation memories or TMs, and uses the content to generate translation suggestions for the target text to be translated; this saves time and therefore cost.

Proofreading and review by experienced editors

We also have experienced proofreaders and editors review our translations to ensure that they satisfy the most demanding standards. Whether need to process insurance claims from outside the country or enter new markets and other parties speaking a language other than your own, or launch your own insurance services abroad – give us a call or drop us an e-mail, we’ll be happy to make you a non-binding offer.

ConText® Insurance practice group

Apart from outstanding language skills, our specialist translators focused on the insurance sector have the economic, legal, and mathematical-statistical background to deal with insurance-related matters. Our translators in the Insurance practice group are also familiar with product management and marketing, HRM, sales, and risk management, including financial risk management.

Need a specialist translation in the insurance field? The graduate native-speaker translators from ConText® know the requirements of the insurance market and are happy to help.

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