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We have the power: Specialist translations for energy management

Full of energy: The power of translation

Energy management plays a key role in any economy, and not only in industrialised countries. Germany alone has around a thousand companies involved in the energy supply. These companies include power and gas suppliers, energy and utilities providers, heating and cooling suppliers, and power plant and grid operators requiring specialised translation services.

The international oil and gas industry is divided into three segments – upstream, midstream and downstream. Upstream covers oil and gas exploration and production. Midstream includes refineries, storage, and transport using pipelines and intercontinental tankers. Downstream refers to the final stage in the oil and gas industry’s supply chain, which focuses on oil refineries and natural gas processing plants as well as marketing and distributing oil and gas products.

Translations for a more climate-friendly energy supply

Renewable energy has been taking a decisive step towards a more climate-friendly energy supply while decarbonising transport and buildings, amongst other sectors. There are already many technologies available for generating renewable energy towards securing an environmentally friendly and sustainable power supply; these include solar, wind, geothermal, and hydroelectric power. The rapid expansion of renewable energy will also help reduce dependence on fossil fuels while also increasing the overall security and stability of the energy supply.

Translations for clean air and liveable cities

Cleaner air in cities, lower carbon emissions, quieter traffic – electromobility has also been picking up speed. E-mobility in particular requires large amounts of translation work – not only in EV development and manufacturing, but also in charging technologies as well as infrastructure, which still needs to be installed in many places. The specialist translators at ConText® are familiar with the specialist terminology used in energy management and prepare translations into more than forty languages. We work with translation memory systems for accurate, reliable, and consistent use of specialist terminology as specified.

ConText® Energy Management practice group

Fully charged into the future: The ConText® Energy Management practice group provides secure access to outstanding specialist translators in the industry, specifically exploration and production of oil and gas, mining (coal, metals, aggregates and transport), utilities (electricity, gas, water), and alternative and renewable energy (wind, solar and geothermal energy, hydroelectric power, biomass). Graduate specialist translators with a focus on energy engineering and management ensure professionally prepared and accurate translations into the required target language.

Looking for a specialist native-language translator with a focus on energy management? Give us a buzz! The ConText® translation agency will be happy to help.

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