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From anoraks to zeppelins: Specialist translations for the processing industry

ConText® covering the supply chain in translation: From raw materials to finished goods

The processing industry covers the chain of activities that transform raw materials and intermediates in factories and manufacturing plants into finished goods and products.

From trade to manufacturing

The word "factory" comes from the Latin "factorium". Originally a medieval trading post, traders or factors met from far and wide to haggle over raw materials and foodstuffs in Portuguese "feitorias" and Dutch "factorijen". The Industrial Revolution changed all that, and factories became what we know today. Established in 1721, the silk mill in the English city of Derby was one of the first factories in the modern sense; it’s now a museum.

The processing industry currently includes sectors such as the automotive industry, chemicals, foods, electronics, and metals as well as manufacturing and skilled trades working on raw materials and production goods, capital and consumer products, and food and beverages.

Recent years and decades have seen increasing numbers of manufacturers and industrial businesses relocate production to low-wage countries, a trend that is partly on the decline again due to changes in the general political climate up to global crises or fundamental changes in orientation.

Translations for premium products – Made in Germany

Germany’s industrial base comprises small, highly capitalised companies focused on mechanical engineering and luxury goods manufacturing from watches to kitchens to sports cars. Collectively referred to as the Mittelstand, these companies never embarked on this path of outsourcing manufacturing to low-cost countries but continue to focus on German quality engineering, which still enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide.

Our team of qualified specialist translators has extensive knowledge of the processing industry and is well-versed in the specific terminology and technical details involved. We would be happy to translate your specialist texts from various areas of the processing industry from raw materials and intermediates to capital and consumer goods manufacturing to the food and beverages industry.

Specification sheets and user manuals

ConText® prepares translations for specification sheets, manuals, technical drawings, and patents. Our specialist translators naturally use modern translation technologies and processes to maximise translation quality and efficiency. Experienced proofreaders and editors review our translations to make sure they satisfy the most demanding standards.

Looking for a technical translation in mechanical engineering or manufacturing? The graduate native-language translators with technical specialisations at ConText® are happy to help.

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