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Specialist translations for the public sector: Anything but typically German.

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The public sector in Germany covers all public offices, authorities and administrative bodies at federal, state, district, and municipal level in cities, towns and parishes. The public sector covers public corporations, companies, and other organisations subject to public law such as schools, universities, municipal hospitals, and utilities supply companies, and also Germany’s ubiquitous Sparkasse savings banks. Companies providing German national health and pension services are further examples.

ConText® breaking down language barriers in the public sector

Although domestic to Germany, these public institutions increasingly require translations. Languages such as English, French, Turkish, and Arabic have been seeing increasing use in communication with authorities. There is also demand for Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese, and also somewhat more recently, Ukrainian and Russian. On the other hand, German institutions have also built up a broader presence in the EU and even worldwide for representation in international bodies as well as global recruitment drives and active involvement in business and cultural organisations.

Expansion in digital administration – naturally multilingual

The German public sector is facing immense challenges. Digitalisation, energy transition, and mobility are issues that need to be addressed. The translators, copywriters and proofreaders at ConText® support the public sector with specialist translations from competent experts, such as in expanding digital administration and implementing multilingual communications. We provide specialised interfaces to customer systems towards complete automation in translation processes. This encompasses the entire process from translation to approval and publication in digital and printed media.

Translation and interpreting services in migration and refugee counselling

Migrants as police officers, teachers, or public employees? People with a migration background are in increasing demand in the public sector due to the growing diversity in Germany. The more people are integrated, the easier it is to live together. This always entails overcoming language barriers.

ConText® Public Sector practice group

Our public sector practice teams cross all the boundaries when it comes to languages. Working with the EU as well as companies and organisations with global operations, our specialist translators are just as familiar with the multilingual vocabulary of a wide variety of administrative systems as they are with local border traffic between Poland and Germany, for example, or requirements placed in migration and asylum management.

Need specialist translations for the public sector? The graduate native-speaker translators at ConText® will go that extra mile to help you in the quickest and most efficient way.

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