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Settled: Legal translations

Conflicts and disputes are part of human nature.

Law as an abstract, collective term encompasses catalogues of statutes, regulations and ordinances, and agreements and treaties affecting various areas of public and private life. The legal system aims to regulate human coexistence in a binding and lasting fashion towards avoiding social conflict.

ConText® translations for leading corporations, financial institutions, courts, and public prosecutors

The legal specialist translators at ConText® possess thorough knowledge of the national legal system applicable for the target language, covering every legal area pertinent to corporations, medium-sized companies, and family-run businesses. As an established translation agency for legal translations, we take a practical approach towards preparing legal translations for leading corporations and financial companies. We also translate for courts and public prosecutors across Germany as well as the European Commission, European Parliament, and European Court of Justice (ECJ).

Cross-border crime, European investigation orders

International legal assistance in criminal matters often require certified translations together with original documents to ensure that all parties involved are able to understand the subject matter at hand. This can play a crucial role especially in dealing with cross-border crime.

Right to translation in criminal proceedings

The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) states that every crime suspect has a right to have criminal charges and documents essential to defence translated into a language that the suspect understands. This right forms an essential part of the right to a fair trial and aims to ensure that every defendant is in a position to follow the proceedings and conduct a proper defence.

The terminology needs to be accurate, and also validated in the target language.

We ensure optimal workflow and set about the conditions for translations in excellent quality. As an example, we use translation memories and language resources from the European Union with all the legal provisions passed by the EU such as treaties, regulations, and directives in twenty-four official languages for terminology.

So many countries, so many customs: Differences between legal systems

Differences in terminology aside, the specialist translators at ConText® also take structural differences between legal systems in the respective countries into account. Some legal terms may be defined differently in one legal system compared to another, and the form and structure of contracts and legal documents may vary. Our legal specialist translators are always in a position to interpret texts into the target legal context and adapt the text accordingly.

ConText® Law practice group

Legal translation requires a high level of precision, expertise, and accuracy. Our Law practice group provides access to outstanding specialist translators in this field. Examples include legal briefs, court rulings and judgments, petitions, claims, and applications to court as well as terms and conditions, contracts, and commercial register entries. The legal specialist translators at ConText® have proven expertise in employment law, regulatory law, banking and finance law, capital markets, corporate governance and compliance, data protection and privacy, intellectual property, company law, commercial law, real-estate law, international capital markets, investment funds, insolvency law, antitrust law, mergers and acquisitions, and tax law.

Looking for a specialist native-language translator to translate legal documents? Give us a call or drop us an e-mail, our specialist translators will be happy to assist you.

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