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Marketing translations by ConText®: Paving the way to conquering new markets

Brands as mental images

Why do people ignore product A and go for product B instead? The best arguments won’t change a thing once a brand has established itself in the minds and hearts of its customers. Marketing translations for high-power brands – specialist translators at ConText® know how advertising works, and why.

Marketing – more than just advertising

Looking at marketing and advertising as the same thing is a mistake that comes up more often than you might expect. Marketing is far more than just product advertising or image development. It describes the process that a company or organisation will use in product or service development, pricing, placement, and sale to meet customer needs and generate earnings. Advertising is more specific and refers to the actions taken by a company or organisation towards raising public awareness of a particular product or service.

Understanding and fulfilling customer needs

“Marketing” is also a loan word in German, but the Germans also use a more technical sounding term Absatzwirtschaft, literally meaning “sales management.” The term refers to the orientation a company or an entire industry has taken towards meeting the needs of the market. The more mundane term “marketing” may refer to products and/or services in the classical sense, but also in the context of “selling” a philosophy or ideology.

Whichever way, all entrepreneurial actions and decisions share one common aim – to fulfil customer expectations, or raise them using advertising with corresponding localisation. Our current society is fixated on growth, and the goal here is obviously to boost sales figures. That said, today’s marketing strategies follow completely different trends compared to those of the past, one example being climate protection.

Emotions drive decisions

Sales psychology is part of marketing. Given the choice, consumers will go for a yoghurt brand that is 80% fat-free instead of one with 20% fat content. This is referred to as attributive framing, a psychological effect where the same information leads to different behaviour. Most of our translators at ConText® possess a high level of business and marketing expertise. There’s always a marketing angle to the texts that our specialists work on, even those in individual tech sectors; this involves awareness of the sales conduits used in the respective target countries.

Customer acquisition and customer loyalty – the essential role of social media

Social media marketing is a subdiscipline of digital marketing, and refers to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and others. The aim of social media marketing is to promote products and services, acquire customers and secure customer loyalty, and raise brand awareness. The specialist translators at ConText® know how to reach people with words and how to win hearts and minds for the long haul.

Content marketing and SEO translation

Many companies use content marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) as part of their marketing strategy to target and engage potential customers. SEO optimisation and adaptation to the respective target markets plays a crucial role here.

Effective SEO strategies aim towards improving website positioning in search engine results for specific countries and languages. One example of achieving this entails adapting content to the local market using local backlinks, and using and translating geographic keywords and phrases to include localised place names and expressions specific to the target market. The specialist translators at ConText® make sure that our customers come up in the search results anywhere in the world.

Multilingualism is key

English is no longer enough. Multilingual keyword translation and SEO optimisation play a vital role in website ranking. It makes sense to use professional translation and SEO services that will ensure that your content will be found and understood in every language and national market.

We naturally use modern translation technologies and processes to maximise our translation quality and efficiency. Experienced proofreaders and editors review our translations to make sure they satisfy the most demanding standards.

Aiming to implement your marketing campaign across borders and looking for a marketing translator with capability, empathy, and a sense of the greater picture? The specialist native-language translators at ConText® in Mainz will be happy to help you.

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