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Belarusian translations by specialised translators (native speakers): Adaptation, localisation, transcreation, and creative services

Appealing, authentic, flawless. ConText® is a specialist language service provider for Belarusian translation, a translation agency that takes a rapid, unbureaucratic approach to business relationships based on trust to the benefit of our clients. We have the flexibility and expertise to adapt to your individual requirements.

Our specialised Belarusian translators transfer all the content from your manuscript into the target language while preserving the original sense and meaning. Apart from that, our translators formulate the Belarusian translation for the intended target audience while retaining the style and undertone of the original.

This gives you top-quality Belarusian text in an accurate translation that reads like an original. We have not only mastered the art of Belarusian translation; translation is our passion – something we believe you will notice in the result.

Highly-qualified Belarusian translation agency – saving costs with cutting-edge translation technology

ConText® translators reuse previously verified sentences while also ensuring that any client terminology lists are applied consistently throughout the translation with the aid of state-of-the-art translation technology (CAT tools as well as translation memory and data mining technology).

This keeps the language style consistent in all Belarusian translations from ConText®. Our databases store predefined terminology lists as well as comments and corrections to be included in all Belarusian translations.

Highly specialised Belarusian translation experts

We translate and localise specialised texts from German and English into Belarusian and from Belarusian into German, or other languages.

The rapid rate of technological and scientific progress requires increasing depth of specialisation from translators.

Our specialist areas include business, law, IT, banking, construction, architecture, chemistry, biochemistry, medicine, pharmaceuticals, marketing, communications, and advertising. ConText® services include quality assurance from our in-house proofreaders.

Our quality, your assurance – translations into Belarusian at ISO 17100:2015 international quality standard

The ConText® translation agency uses project management software developed in-house from order receipt to delivery of the final translation.

We provide a web portal for registered clients to place complex translation and localisation orders for Belarusian, upload the original documents, and download the translated texts.

A Belarusian project comprises individual client jobs such as translation, proofreading, localisation in multiple language combinations, and DTP.

We use CAT tools such as Trados, MemoQ, Transit and Translation Workspace to generate automated translation analysis if requested.

All Belarusian translations comply with the ISO 17100:2015 international quality standard to ensure completeness and form.

ConText® also supplies official translations from certified Belarusian translators.

Transcreation – localising the message behind your brand

Brands vie for attention in reaching the target audience. Imagine you have recently run a successful sales campaign in Belarus, and you would like to repeat that for other markets. It usually takes good transcreation to carry your message out to consumers in all the world’s markets.

Advertising messages often contain a subtext that needs to be decoded correctly by the audience in the target market. The art of transcreation involves adapting the message your brand conveys while keeping your brand identity intact in every local market. Translators often take a more liberal and creative approach to this kind of job, as the texts – and visuals in many cases – need to be adapted for your message to hit the mark in an intercultural context.

Transcreation plays an essential role in successful intercultural advertising, communication and product marketing, as it ensures that the message is conveyed as intended to the target audience in each market.

Full-service package for Belarusian

In addition to translation, adaptation, localisation and proofreading, our services extend to consultancy, editorial services, media and graphic design, and print contract management.

We are also happy to take care of the complete package that includes everything from specialist translations into Belarusian by native speakers to international typesetting and proofreading to design, print and delivery including organisation, while keeping within the agreed budget and schedule.

Content creation: We write success stories in Belarusian – finer, faster, with a bit more “Oomph!”

Our Belarusian translators, Belarusian copywriters and Belarusian authors help put your thoughts into words.
We prepare and translate the following projects and materials from and into Belarusian:

Websites, SEO texts and landing pages
Product descriptions for online shops
E-mail newsletters
Press releases
Advertising slogans
Video scripts
Brochures and leaflets
Advertisements and posters
Social media contributions
Multilingual product descriptions

How much overhead do you have in your translation orders?

How quickly and flexibly can your translation agency respond to requests for Belarusian? How simple and straightforward is it to process a small order? How easily can you communicate with your contact person?

Working with ConText® makes it all easy. We do not have the huge unwieldy internal bureaucracy of large agencies, a bureaucratic machine that takes time and expense to set into motion for each Belarusian translation order; we can react flexibly and quickly to client demands.

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The Belarusian language – characteristics and spread

Belarusian has around 7.9 million native speakers including a Belarusian-speaking minority near Białystok, Poland, but the majority still live in Belarus, where Belarusian is one of the two official languages alongside Russian.

Together with Russian and Ukrainian, Belarusian is one of the three East Slavic languages that evolved in the Middle Ages from a common ancestor language often referred to as “Old Russian”, but this is misleading as it suggests a priority for Russian – “Old East Slavic” is the preferred term.

Currently, literary Belarusian is only spoken by a limited intellectual class in the cities. Belarusian dialects are common in rural areas, whereas most urban Belarusians speak a transitional form between Belarusian and Russian pejoratively referred to as Trasjanka, meaning “cattle fodder”.

Belarusian is weakly anchored in the education system; the only high school using Belarusian as the language of instruction was closed in the summer of 2003 despite strong opposition from teachers and students. Belarusian enjoyed a brief awakening (Belarusian: Adradzhenne) after the country adopted Belarusian as its only official language in the wake of political independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, but President Lukashenko declared Russian as the other official language again in 1994/95. The language’s future outlook is bleak, and many Belarusians fear that a complete absorption of the Belarusian into Russian will be almost impossible to prevent.

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