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Just in time: Specialist translations in logistics and transport

Taking transport to the next level

Logistics companies used to be nothing more than shipping companies transporting goods by road, rail, and sea. However, the field of logistics has gradually expanded to include active multimodal service providers with increasing integration into manufacturers’ supply chains and production processes. One such example is just-in-time delivery.

ConText® translations for road haulage as well as rail, sea, and air freight

Originally confined to all aspects of goods shipment and the procedures involved in moving cargo from A to B, logistics as a concept now also covers movement of information and personal travel. Shipping and transport providers bring business and social life together – by road, rail, sea, and air. Other areas of logistics include warehousing, customs, and distribution.

Keeping to best practices in logistics and in translation

Today’s logistics field includes every process necessary in ensuring goods shipment. This includes planning and coordinating warehousing and transport, monitoring supply chains, optimising inventory and ordering, and controlling the flow of goods and the associated information.

The aim of logistics is to ensure goods availability to meet market and customer needs. Cost, quality, and delivery times play an important role in this. A highly interdisciplinary art, logistics poses highly specific challenges to all the companies and specialists involved in the international value chain from simple warehouse clerks to supply chain managers.

Bills of lading, invoices, delivery notes, contracts, customs documents – we translate for freight forwarders, courier services, shipping companies, and airlines.

The logistics and transport industry by its very nature requires huge numbers of translated documents, instructions, and certificates to handle goods efficiently and safely. The paperwork involved includes bills of lading, invoices, delivery notes, customs documents, certificates, contracts, and permits. These documents usually need to be translated into the respective language of the destination country to keep the transport system running smoothly. Errors in language and content can lead to delays, mistakes, and costs that could have been avoided with fault-free written correspondence.

Into the fast lane with communication solutions from Context® for the transport and logistics industry

We develop individual communication solutions in logistics, supply chain management, and shipping services with years of experience working with well-known logistics and freight companies. When it comes to publications, ConText® provides expert services in multilingual corporate publishing, whether customer or employee magazines, in print or online. We also provide all-inclusive packages from concept, copywriting, and foreign language translation to design and layout, print, and distribution; the package includes organisation as well as compliance guarantees for budgets and deadlines.

ConText® Transport and Logistics practice group

The translators in the ConText® Transport and Logistics practice group are specialised in automotive logistics as well as road, rail, air, and sea freight, and contract logistics. Our specialist translators are fully up to speed on shipping and logistics – many of the translators, copywriters, and proofreaders working at ConText® gained their specialist knowledge in the field and continue to hone their expertise in constant further training.

Looking for a graduate native-language translator with intimate knowledge of the logistics industry? Give us a call – our specialist translators will deliver to deadline.

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