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Between human and machine: Translations in the field of medical engineering

From cochlear implants to nerve signal-controlled prostheses, our specialist translators with a focus on medical engineering possess in-depth knowledge of natural sciences and technology

Medical engineering always requires solid knowledge across scientific, technical, and medical disciplines. It takes physics and chemistry, optics and acoustics, biology and metallurgy, materials science and biomechanics, physiology and radiology, electrics and electronics, and of course the latest in IT to develop and construct the huge variety of instruments, devices, aids, and machines used in medical engineering.

High-tech products for medical applications play a crucial role in modern medicine and have played a part in many medical advances in recent decades. These products allow many treatments to be performed using minimally invasive techniques resulting in shorter recovery times and fewer complications.

Translating manuals and guides for complex medical devices and machines

Germany’s Federal Statistical Office listed around twelve and a half thousand companies with over two hundred thousand employees involved in medical engineering in the year 2017. Most of these companies are SMEs or startups, and many of these are market leaders in their product specialisation or hidden champions only known to the professional market. Around two-thirds of these companies operate on the export market, requiring corresponding high-quality translations for customers in the respective target markets to be able to use what are often highly complex manuals in a device’s documentation, website, or app.

Translating communications for medical engineering – multilingual, multinational

German companies importing medical equipment also need materials translated for local users, medical specialists, therapists, and nursing staff to operate the machines and equipment. Many employees in laboratories, clinics, and nursing homes are not native German speakers and therefore need information materials translated into their own language.

ConText® Medical Engineering practice group

Working on pioneering medical equipment such as a cochlear implant, an auditory prosthesis for the deaf and hard of hearing? Or nerve signal-controlled prostheses, robotic and virtual reality-supported surgical methods, or new imaging CT or MRI procedures? Or innovative wearables and apps for monitoring vital parameters?

Apart from translation qualifications, the specialist translators in our Medical Engineering practice group also have a background in medical engineering. Whether MRI, X-ray, glucose monitors and meters, pulse oximetry or respiratory management, our specialist translators possess advanced technical competence and a high level of empathy at the interface between human and machine.

Looking for a qualified graduate native-language translator to translate texts in the field of medicine or medical engineering? Give us a call or drop us an e-mail – our specialist translators for medical technology will be happy to help you.

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