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What a performance: Specialist translations for arts and culture

ConText® translations sending the message across the cultural divide

Arts and culture are forms of human expression that extend well beyond biological needs and minimum social agreements that dominate human coexistence.

The word “culture” itself originates from the Latin “colere” meaning “to care for,” and “cultura” and “cultus” (agriculture and cultivation of arable land) indicating the central aspect of all concepts related to culture – turning our natural world into a human habitat.

Meaning extended to infinity – or oblivion

The term "culture" is used in so many different meanings and contexts that its meaning has expanded to the point of becoming meaningless. The use of the term as an idiomatic component of countless concepts such as everyday culture, discussion culture, food culture, fan culture, corporate culture, football culture, popular culture, political culture, subculture, cultural landscape, cultural skills, and not entirely unironically, cancel culture... These neologisms can often pose a challenge for translators.

Culture is the result of human intervention in the natural order.

Culture covers the activities and achievements typical of human intervention in nature with a formative effect in the short, medium, and long term. This began in the early antiquity with the dawn of agriculture and animal husbandry, continued with developments in religion and spirituality, and has since come to include all kinds of contemporary material and immaterial works of art and artistic performance.

Art as a creative process – translated in all its facets

In its broadest collective sense, “the arts” refers to the results of creative processes beyond the purely functional, and covers a serious of creative subdisciplines. Examples are the fine arts including drawing, painting, writing, and architecture; performing arts such as music, dance, and oratory; and the more disparate art forms of hypnosis and healing.

Diversity of cultural expression

ConText® translates for internationally renowned cultural institutes in literature, painting and sculpture, photography, music, theatre, and architecture. Our customers range from memorial sites and media organisations to museums and foundations as well as cultural institutions, associations, initiatives, and a dedicated independent cultural scene, from museum catalogues to artist biographies to essays on cultural and social sciences.

Arts and culture speak their own language

ConText® translators live between different cultures. Our experts translate travel guides, non-fiction, and illustrated books to the standards expected in journalism and art history. The books we translate provide in-depth insights into the world of art, culture, and photography, and include autographed and limited editions as well as luxurious deluxe editions.

Looking for a specialist native-language translator with a focus on arts and culture? A copywriter or editor capable of crafting finely worded texts to the standards expected in journalism and art history? One that may even be familiar with press and public relations? Give us a call and inspire your audience with texts crafted by ConText®.

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